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If you haven’t updated your brand assets since the Titanic was breaking box office records and your first logo was delivered via 3½-inch floppy, it might be time to consider investing your time and energy into giving your brand the facelift it deserves.

Your brand is your instant connection to the public, your consumers, your competition and your market. The messages your brand conveys to these people must be true to what your brand delivers.

The concept of a rebrand can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re particularly attached to your current logo or colour palette. However, it’s an important process that can help to connect you and your brand to an entirely new audience.

So, you’ve grabbed your logo off Canva, cool right? Actually, a generic logo might be doing your business more harm than good. It can make it difficult to distinguish your brand from your competitors, in such an oversaturated market.

Your brand identity (the visual aspects of your brand, such as the colour palette, fonts, logo and even your slogan) is the manner in which you present yourself to the public – you want to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Nothing has the potential to do this like a fresh, brand overhaul.

If you’re not sure if you’re ready for a complete rebrand, here are some signs you might want to look into the concept further:

  • You’ve decided that you don’t actually like the look of your logo/colour palette, or the colours no longer resonate with the message you’re trying to convey.
  • Your brand is evolving and your target audience has changed.
  • There’s a lack of consistency amongst your branding assets.
  • You haven’t updated your brand assets since you began your business, and it’s beginning to look and feel outdated.
  • You no longer feel as though your branding is unique or sets you apart from the competition.

If you’re reading down the list and ticking off boxes in your head, it might be time to consider reaching out to an agency that can discuss your rebrand options.

It’s important to avoid undertaking a rebrand if:

  • You’re unwilling or unopen to rebranding or updating ALL visual assets if required.
  • You have new management who believe rebranding is a quick solution to demonstrate that a business is moving in a new direction.
  • You’re bored with how your business ‘looks’ and haven’t considered the implications that a rebrand would have on your overall brand image.

A rebrand can be a substantial, emotional process. It’s important to be sure you’re ready to make changes before you proceed. Your business will thank you for it.

The concept of rebranding involves updating all your visual assets to help elevate your brand visibility to the public. The goal here is to create a new and improved identity for your consumers, the competition and the general public. Rebranding doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to change your name or any aspects that are important to you, however it’s about making meaningful changes and updates that convey a message about who you are and what you do.

Elements of a rebrand can include:

  • Logo – an essential element of how your business is viewed by the public.
  • Colour palette – must convey the correct message you want to send to your audience and make sure that your chosen colours complement each other.
  • Typography – make sure that your chosen typeface and font expresses the right message to your audience. This is not the time or place for Comic Sans or Papyrus, resist the urge.
  • Images – the photos you use to represent your business should look modern. There’s nothing worse than a website with dated or stock imagery when you are trying to present a fresh look. The photos you use to represent your business or brand are a great way to show your personality and energy to the audience. Hire a professional; good-quality images are worth their weight in gold.
  • Voice – ensure that the tone of voice used in your copy defines your brand’s personality; are you fun and youthful or do you want to present as more serious and formal?

The best way to think about your brand is to consider it a living, thriving organism. Unlike the Sea Monkeys you neglected as a child, your brand organism needs care, time and energy to evolve. Investing in a relationship with an all-purpose creative agency to take the lead in your rebrand can ensure that your brand integrity, company morals, and desired outcome is met, all while opening you up to a whole new market of potential customers.

It is important that you allow your brand to continually evolve so it can grow with you. The secret? Never under-invest in branding, trust your designer and keep an open mind. Your designer has your best interests at heart and will work with you to provide a rebrand that you are proud of.