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A cherished new masterpiece in our portfolio. Embodying the spirit of The Bower, a beloved local homewares brand inspired by the house-proud Bower bird, this rebrand intricately weaves together the essence of our client’s vision. The logo is crafted from a selection of pots sourced from their store, and encapsulates the uniqueness that defines their brand.

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About the Project

The Client

The Bower is a locally owned and operated homewares store in Cairns that oozes uniqueness and vibrancy. Intending to expand and improve their current business model, The Bower approached Bang Media with the intention of a brand revitalisation that extended to their entire asset collection, including web and social.

The brief for this project was to implement the feel of the tropics and nature, while keeping the colours vibrant and Moroccan-inspired, avoiding any straight lines, and over-played iconography of the region.

This project began with a Discovery Session where all ideas were laid on the table with the client and the target audience was established. Our team then got to work with developing 3 unique stylescapes, which then directed the remainder of the project. The final logo selected pays homage to the exact pots and vases that are sold in The Bowers online store, each letter being hand-crafted by the silhouettes of the products. 

Project Summary

Create a full Branding Package to align the business with its evolution and ethos.

Services Provided

• Full Branding Package
• Logo Design
• Stationery
• Website
• Icons & Patterns
• Brand Guide

Discovery & Stylescapes

Equipped with a thorough understanding of the business, we presented 3 Stylescapes; these are like an advanced mood board. This process helps both us and the client envision the future possibilities of their brand. Our presentation included three distinct Stylescapes, each exploring a unique direction and mood. Option 2 was selected, which paved a clear direction for the new logo & branding.

The Logo

The logo created for The Bower is a direct abstract art version of pots that are sold on the online store. The silhouettes were traced and then manipulated to form letters that reflected the ideology of the business and their dedication to uniqueness and abstract form.


The pattern created for The Bower is a direct abstract art version of the logo. The letters used for the logo were then manipulated to create a cohesive pattern for the brand that would be recognisable as ‘The Bower’.

Instagram Highlights Tiles

From the above pattern, icons were created to be used throughout social media outlets and the newly updated website. These icons represent the key points of the business; Tropical, Vibrant and Abstract.