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The activity or practice of making short, frequent posts to microblog.


Microblogs are concise (300 words or less) blogs that contain photos, GIFS, video, and links, with the most common forms of microblogs including news articles, memes, quotes, user-generated content and even hyperlinks. While the term might sound new, we as Internet users have been interacting using microblogs for a long time. If you’ve ever sent a tweet, congratulations! You are a micro-blogger! 

There are several important benefits of microblogging that can bring to you and your business: 

Reduced effort: You can produce several pieces of content in the time it would usually take to create one large form piece of content. Although your microblog might be small, you have the potential to offer a lot of information in a digestible, bite-size post.

Consistency: Creating smaller pieces of content means you can create content more regularly. You’re less likely to get overwhelmed if you only need to create short pieces of content than if you have to find the time to sit and create long, complex content. Microblogging allows businesses to share shorter content faster.

Mobile friendly: Microblogging is much more mobile-friendly than long-form blogs, as they fit perfectly on microblogging sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Facebook. People are more likely to read and digest smaller pieces of content on the go than sit and read a long blog, as attention spans have dramatically decreased in previous years. 

Real-time sharing: Because of the platforms that utilise microblogging, microblogs allow businesses to get content out to followers quickly, with a tweet or Facebook able to be seen immediately by followers.

Microblogging has created a whole new world of opportunity for businesses, assembling captivating content with minimal investment of time and money. Utilised correctly, microblogging can encourage greater engagement than traditional posts or blogs.