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Videos are one of the most engaging mediums you can use to accelerate your business and at Bang

we love to create attention grabbing, thought provoking,emotion capturing videos that champion your brand.

Brand Stories

Every business has a story and yours is important to tell. Brand Stories aim to showcase your passion, commitment,

and hard work and translate well across a range of social and web-based platforms.


It’s no secret that word of mouth is a powerhouse when it comes to promoting your business.

Let your clients speak for themselves via a Video Testimonial.

Event Coverage

It’s always a great idea to film your event or conference, giving you the ability to revisit, reflect, and share it.

Specialising in commercial events, conferences, training, education and more.

Social Media Videos

Integrating video into your social media strategy is a game-changer when it comes to engagement and conversion statistics.

As technology changes the way we do business must change also. Today, it’s about who tell the best brand story online and engage with their audience long term. That’s where we come in!

Long Term Timelapse

A Long-Term Time-lapse can help to effectively capture the scale or length of an event or project.

Condensing what could be hours, weeks or months of work into a dynamic video to showcase the progress in a snappy, engaging way.

TV Commercials

Our extensive expertise in TV commercials and broadcast media highlights
the trust placed in us by our many corporate and retail clients.

From concept to scriptwriting, storyboards, casting talent and sourcing voice overs. We have TV Commercials covered.

Music Videos

A Particular passion of ours is Music Videos! We have dedicated directors available to help plan and execute the ultimate video clips.

Work with our team from planning and pre-production through to shooting,editing andand delivery. We even have a full-service recording studio and the ability to audio engineer!

Production Studio

With flexible recording space ready equipped with lighting, backdrops and set building capabilities,

our Production Studio is the icing on the cake to our full suite of Videography options.

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