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Great disruption breeds great innovation (along with sleepless nights and a fair amount of stress). Outside of world wars and the Game of Thrones Finale, there has never been disruption on the same level as the current situation. Across the world, lockdowns and social distancing have put the brakes on some businesses big and small, with a forecast of more disruption in the short and medium-term. 

Where possible, businesses are pivoting to be able to operate in the new environment, and a big part of that has led to the rapid adoption of live-streaming and video person to person (P2P) communications. 

When our Prime Minister tells you to keep the front door shut, a digital one opens with a reach and potential beyond that of a traditional shot front. We’ve seen business like financial planners conducting seminars and one of one consultation online, and even traditional face to face consultations with GP practices have been replaced by ‘Telehealth’ appointments. The tyranny of distance and isolation rules can be transcended.

If you have the will but not sure about the way, Bang Media can help you get your business or event live and streaming. We have the in-house facilities and equipment, or we can arrange for hire and training for streaming on location. Every situation is different, so give us a call today to see how we can get your business broadcasting!