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When constructing and sharing fresh content for your website or social media platforms, there are five very important R’s to remember that can help to make your job easier and maximise your reach.


Ask yourself this – can your audience easily relate to the message you are trying to share? Will they walk away from your content with new knowledge or value? You need to make sure that your content is relatable to the people who you want to see it, and that they get something out of the experience. If they do, they are more likely to revisit and share your page and content to others.


Be sure to research your direct competition and see what they are producing on their social channels. When you are able to compare, you can see what works well in your target demographic and what does not. Use this to your advantage! Don’t forget SEO and the importance of using local keywords in blog posts and texts. 

Always do your best to present as real and authentic to anybody consuming your content. People can see through content that is fake or pulled from another source and they often won’t return to hear what else you have to share (no matter how beneficial to them it may be). Industry research suggests that 90% of consumers rate authenticity as an important factor when choosing brands to interact with. Always write in your own voice for consistency and keep content relaxed and fun- it is ‘social’ content after all! 

Remember Your Hashtags

Never underestimate the power of hashtagging, especially on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The hashtag serves several important purposes for social content: 

  • Searching a hashtag pulls all content with that hashtag into one place to make it easy to find. 
  • Hashtags are forever developing and evolving on different platforms as a result of the amount of information being uploaded to social media. 
  • Hashtags make it easy and fun for users to find content that is useful and interesting to them. 

For best results, use a mix of generalized and highly specific hashtags, but do not fall into the trap of ‘over hashtagging’. 

Repost and Reshare:
It is vital that you repost and reshare your content, potentially bringing you important additional traffic and conversions. Writing content and not sharing it is kind of like buying an expensive car and only driving it once – you want as much mileage on your investment as possible! Resharing content is a fantastic way to increase its ROI (return on investment), and send more traffic to where you want it to go. Most importantly, it’s FREE!