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Do I need Facebook Advertising?

The answer; big yes!

Don’t believe us? Here’s an impressive Facebook statistic: 2.23 billion people log in to the platform every month.

30% of marketers think Facebook offers the highest digital ad ROI. Whilst Google Search came out on top overall, with 48% of respondents’ votes, Facebook trounced other social media platforms. Instagram and YouTube came in with 4% of the votes, while Twitter took 2%. (Source: Hoot Suite)

It’s a safe bet that your clients and potential clients are using Facebook Advertising — your competitors are using it too.

Let us fill you in about Facebook Advertising and why it’s so important important.

Facebook ads are paid ads that can be tailored to help you reach the people who matter most to you (your audience). They allow you to narrow down your audience and show them your content.

Businesses create campaigns that have specific goals, these are called advertising objectives. Then ads are created within those campaigns to help reach those objectives.

For example…

Imagine you’ve started a business as a wedding florist in Cairns. Facebook will literally let you narrow down your target audience so much that you can tailor people that are recently engaged in Cairns and surrounding areas… pretty cool hey!

Or let’s say you’ve recently redone your website and have a promo going; your goal is direct traffic to your website. You would make sure the text, images and feel of the post look enticing to your potential clients, it’s all about getting them to click.

Our biggest tip when advertising on Facebook is to define your audience. As Facebook advertising allows you get super specific about who your target audience is, use this to your advantage!

Facebook ads also give you data, and this data is important. It shows you how your ads are traveling; and lets you see if what you think is your target audience is actually your target audience.

Check out Facebook Business if you haven’t already. They give some super easy tips and tricks and walk you through setting up your Facebook ads.

Remember to be clear and concise when defining your audience. It definitely encourages more leads and helps you spend less money guessing.

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