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I am sure you all know that being a business owner is tough and sometimes a little lonely.

Having a business support system is key to your sanity. That obviously includes your family & friends but let’s look at how we can support other business owners, because let’s be honest, they understand what we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

So we wanted to share some practical ways you can support each other in community and business.

Reviews –

Google and Facebook reviews are crucial in validating and supporting businesses. If you’ve gone to a cafe or a shop or received a service and it’s amazing, don’t keep it to yourself. Reviews are often what people look for before they purchase or visit an establishment. Pay it forward and leave a great review; making sure it’s descriptive and specifies what services you received. Google tends to favour this and deem it more authentic.

Backlinking –

In layman’s terms, backlinking is a link one website gets from another website. Backlinks can make a huge impact on a website’s prominence in search engine results. This is why they are super important for a website’s search ranking. So, work with other businesses to link one another in blog posts or collaborations (ensuring the links are authentic and relevant to one another). It gives your website a vote of confidence and is key to supporting other businesses.

Cheer them on! –

Encouragement is key both mentally and algorithmically. It’s as simple as seeing a business doing well and encouraging them! They say it takes a village to raise a child and the same is said when running a successful business. Authentic engagement is crucial to seeing your business’ validity grow.

So comment, share, like, support, go to their events, lift each other up! It’s important to build relationships. Everyone has their unique gift when it comes to business. So find ways to work, celebrate and share together.

Donate Your Time or Skills –

As a business owner, one of the things your friend probably doesn’t have a lot of is time. New business owners especially can feel overwhelmed by the pressure and time consuming amount of daily tasks. If you can donate your time, offer to help your friend. It can be as simple as creating blog posts or newsletters, brainstorming marketing ideas, simply listening, making appointments, or even just organising their office supplies.

These tasks may seem small, but they can make a huge difference in your friends daily productivity.

Or dig deep and donate your skills, even if you think you have nothing to give. Are you great with budgeting or love organising? Are you a social media guru? Creative writer? two heads are always better than one. If you see something you can help with, even bringing over a coffee or a home cooked meal will mean more than you can imagine!

We love supporting local businesses and always love working with them, and helping them expand and grow.

If we can help you with anything don’t hesitate to get in Touch with our Friendly Team 🙂