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Event Video Production Cairns
Let us give you 5 reasons we believe you need Event Video Production at your next event.

You might be planning your next Conference, Expo, Tradeshow or Workshop or Corporate function and be thinking to yourself… “Do i need to professionally film my next event?” or simply, “How can i use my current event or conference to promote the next one successfully? “

1. It Takes Your Event Beyond the Four Walls you Held it in

You’ve put all this effort into planning and capturing this event, so why not take your conference to world. Imagine…there’s 1000 people that attend your conference. However, i’m sure there are so many more people who wanted to come. Potential people that didn’t even know about your event, or your secret ‘bucket list’ of dream attendees. By hiring a team of professional event videographers to cover your event, it stops your event being a ‘one and done’. Furthermore, allowing your event longevity and is a great promotional tool for your next one.

2. A professional event video is a reflection of your company

Having professional event video coverage of your event allows others to learn about you. It showcases not only your commitment to quality, but also your company’s standards. Not just from the people attending your event, but by the multitudes on social media and your online presence.

“Our event video production team at Bang Media are highly skilled and do more than just ‘point and shoot’ we tell stories.”

It’s that storyline that is going to captivate the attention of your audience and put your companies best digital foot forward. Evoking passion from those who attended, the team involved in the event and creating momentum that will last until your next event. Not to mention, these are an incredible marketing resource for your next event and is a great way to remember for your delegates to look back and share their experience. Our event coverage is customisable and can include interviews with attendees, speakers and capture displays, speeches, cocktail evenings, workshops, large multi-day conferences, exhibitions, forums, meetings, industry panels, to special events like awards, gala dinners and more.

3. There’s no time for do overs

If you assign one of your employees to handle your behind the scenes or document your event you run the risk of it not going to plan. It may also be harder and take longer than expected finding important footage missed or poorly documented. Without a great deal of post production experience, you run the risk of wasting your time or promoting your company in a unprofessional manner. Don’t just take our word for it, for instance check out our highlights video of the 2018 Cairns Osteopathy Conference. We were able to capture the essence of the event and allow them to begin promoting for the next one in the same week it was held.


Osteopathy Conference Cairns 2018 – Filmed by Bang Media

4. Solution Minded

With over 10 years experience the team at Bang Media Cairns pride ourselves on being solution minded. Offering turn key solutions to your creative needs. We specialise in film, photography, capturing audio, visuals, conducting and organising interviews and we have trained audio engineers.  We provided a multitude of services in addition to videos, we specialise in interviews and photography, recording speeches and more.

5. Quick Turn Around

Our videography team in Cairns love creating attention grabbing, thought provoking, emotion capturing videos. It’s our goal- to champion your brand, story or event. This means we pride ourselves on a quick turn around to impress you and your clients!

In other words, we understand first had that your time is money, especially if you’re working to recap an event or conference to show stakeholders or potential customers how successful it was. Giving a professional videography team your timeline and expectations for your coverage will ensure your piece of mind to enjoy your event. Express delivery available contact us to inquire.



Looking for event video coverage in Cairns and the surrounds? from large multi-day conferences, exhibitions, forums, meetings and industry panels, to special events like awards and gala dinners. Our Event Video Production team can also help you create engaging corporate training videos and promotional video content. Bang Media is the leading event video production source for Cairns. Our event video production portfolio is extensive, with clients in commercial, industrial and government industries. View our portfolio here


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