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It’s no secret that word of mouth is a powerhouse when it comes to promoting your business. 

Videos are one of the most engaging mediums you can use to accelerate your business. So investing in attention grabbing, thought provoking, emotion capturing videos that champion your brand, story or event is important!

Testimonial Videos have already become a trending item in today’s social media world. Video marketing isn’t an “up and coming thing” it’s here and we engage with it everyday on social platforms.
It’s easier and more convenient for us to watch an engaging video than it is to read through a long, wordy news article – this is why testimonial videos work (and work well!).

Video Testimonies capture emotion; showing a genuine connection with the client and the service, more than a text-heavy testimonial insert at the bottom of your home page. 

They are multi functional and can be used on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube; as well as functioning as a great tool for conferences, email marketing, your website and more.

Don’t just take our word for it, here are the facts:
  • 6/10 People would rather watch videos online than watch TV (sourced by Think with Google)
  • Facebook alone generates 8 Billion video views per day alone (Sourced from Social Media Today)
  • Over 90% of internet users say that videos are a key component in the decision making process ( Sourced from Hub Spot)
  • The three most proven effective video content online are Testimonial Videos, Tutorial Videos and Demonstration Style Videos. (Sourced from Curata)

As technology changes the way we do business, so should we. Today, it’s about who tells the best story online and engages with their audience long term. 

Let your clients speak for themselves via a Video Testimonial.

See more about our video services  🙂