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At Bang Media, we relish every opportunity we get to celebrate our hardworking clients’ achievements; nothing beats helping another business succeed and fill their trophy cabinet! The recent national awards won by Cairns Airport and Collins Constructions are perfect examples of excellence on display in Far North Queensland, recognising their exceptional contributions to both the aviation and construction sectors on a national level.

Cairns Airport, the tropical gateway to the world heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef, claimed the prestigious title of ‘Airport of the Year’ at the 2023 Australian Aviation Awards in Sydney in August. This accolade highlights Cairns Airport’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier services to travellers while encouraging regional growth and development. Additionally, Cairns Airport’s strong commitment to the environment and sustainability deserves special acknowledgement. Their initiatives, including the reduction of carbon emissions, pest species management and the refurbishment of the Jack Barnes Boardwalk, reflect their dedication to preserving the unique natural landscape surrounding their airport.

Collins Constructions, a prominent player in Far North Queensland’s construction landscape, proudly secured the national title of ‘Small Commercial Construction Business of the Year’ at the highly esteemed Master Builders 2023 National Business Excellence Awards in Sydney in September. This achievement demonstrates Collins Constructions’ commitment to delivering high-level construction projects, such as the Volvo Cairns showroom while upholding sustainability, innovation and community engagement. Their ability to consistently deliver exceptional results in the fiercely competitive construction sector stands as a testament to Pelham and his team.

As creative partners, we congratulate Cairns Airport and Collins Constructions and eagerly look forward to the continued positive impact they’ll make in their respective industries and on the Cairns community as a whole.